Tax Incentives

  • Exemption of corporate income tax. (up to 15 years)
  • Exemption of import duties tax on machinery, raw or essential materials that import for using in production and R&D.

Non-Tax Incentives

  • Permit foreign technicians, experts and spouse or dependents to stay in the country
  • Grants investors permission to own land for carrying out industrial activities under-promoted projects.

Centre of Investment Service

  • Services for visa and work permit.


Special Deductions

  • Additional tax deductions granted for certain expenses such as R&D on technology and innovation, production line upgrade.
  • Investments that are new to Thailand or using advanced manufacturing technologies in targeted industries may be entitled to special incentives.

Land and Real Estate Ownership

  • Foreign entities can own land and properties for their business operation.
  • Foreign entities are also allowed to own properties for residential purpose.
  • Foreign entities are entitled to enter into lease/sublease/lease-out contract of land or real estate within the Promoted Zones for 50 years and renew upon approval for 49 years.

Financial Transaction

  • Business operators are exempted from the Law on Foreign Currency Exchange Control and can use foreign currencies in the Promoted Zones.