Water Supply

1) Water supply system has an area of 2.36 rai.

2) The reservoir is used as the source of raw water for tap production which has an area of 30.64 rai, and is able to store water for 367,100m3. The area also consists of 2 water retardant ponds with an area of 1.3 rai and 2.3 rai.

3) The system can produce tap water at 1,760m3/day, which the estate produces for 8 hours per day at 110m3/day.

4) The water supply system is a compacted clarified sedimentation tank with a Multimedia pressure filter

5) Tap water produced will be stored in tap water storage tanks with a capacity of 2,672 m3 with a total of 2 tanks, and a high tank with a capacity of 75m3 with a total of 2 tanks.

6) Criteria of water quality produced is in accordance to the water quality standards of Provincial Waterworks Authority.

7) The industrial estate has prepared to receive water from the Provincial Waterworks Authority to be used as a water source in conjunction with the estate’s water supply system in the event that the estate cannot produce tap water. The Provincial Waterworks Authority will supply water to the estate in the amount of 5,000 m3.

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